Any individual above 18 years of age can become a member of DCEC. DCEC provides access to a wealth of resources that helps an Individual to empower oneself with the knowledge of different welfare Projects being offered by our Organization for the disadvantaged people, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, other backward classes, peasants, minority workers, socio-economically backward sections of the society, poverty stricken etc.

Membership of DCEC is open to every citizen of India irrespective of their caste, creed, sex and religion.



  1. The Individual should be above 18 years of age
  2. S/he will have to provide basic information e.g. Name Age, Gender, Address. Religion etc and one Mobile Phone no. for verification through an OTP
  3. There will be a membership subscription for each Membership category Membership subscription has to be paid inline ONLY e.g.  UPL, debit card, Payment Gateway  etc
  4. An Individual will become a member ONLY after the membership is duly received and acknowledged by DCEC
  5. The Membership of DCEC will be available for a period of 1(one) year only from the date of payment of membership Subscription
  6. The Individual shall cease to be a member after the expiry of a period of 1 (one) year from the date payment of membership subscription
  7. The Member are eligible to renew their annual membership form time depending on their requirement
  8. The membership Subscription is not a payment for providing employment to any member. It is subscription for accessing the resources of DCEC
  9. Membership of DCEC will get terminated on the death of the member, if a member, becomes of unsound mind, is convicted of offense, submits or sends prior written information to DCEC requesting termination
  10. Membership subscription already paid to DCEC is not REFUNDABLE under any circumstances



  1. Quarterly newsletters highlighting all important notification/welfare Projects/ Programme announced by DCEC during that relevant quarter
  2. Members can check their eligibility to the different welfare schemes/ Projects offered by DCEC through DCEC website/ resource any number of time during the tenure of their membership
  3. Education, Explanation and Enlightenment on how benefits of the relevant welfare scheme/ Projects can be availed
  4. End-to-end guidance on the process of the availing the benefits of relevant schemes/ Projects available and applicable to the member
  5. Intern opportunity with DCEC
  6. Participation in learning workshop organized by DCEC form time to time. Member will be allowed as participants free of cost and all charges applicable for the relevant workshop shall be waived



    • DCEC does not guarantee availing the benefits of any welfare Schemes/ Projects to its eligible Individual/ Groups. DCEC will only provide end-to-end guidance on the process e.g. hand-holding in documentation etc. Disputes, if any pertaining to membership and or membership fee shall be within Manipur jurisdiction only.


  • DCEC welcome new NGO members to achieve its objectives, mission and vision. DCEC’s alms to reach out to the every corner of the country and serve its marginalized and poor citizens by promulgating and making them available the benefits of the welfare schemes/ Projects  formulated by DCEC  so that they can make use of them and enhance their living conditions. Our work as the need in the entire country and to DCEC appreciates that it cannot be done all by itself.  To reach out within all the geography of India it will need the support of other like minded organization of the citizens will be served through this initiative as this will help in rationalizing the use of human and other organizational resources.This initiative is a winning proposition both for DCEC and the partnering organization because of the following reasons:
    • Shaping a mutual and clear concept of welfare schemes for the marginalized and poor citizens of the country
    • Shaping a mutual and modern vision for the target community of citizens
    • Complementing and participating in implementing the common objective of serving and empowering the target citizens
    • Moving from the role of charity to service provision in the process of bringing a social change
    • Coordinating and avoiding the duplication of servicer
    • Active and influential role of both organization through multilateral and group dialogue
    • Cooperating on overcoming economic, political, social and cultural risks and challenger
    • Organizing lobbying and advocacy on economic and social policy
    • Empowering both the organization in developing skills, training, capacity building and raise awareness
    • Conducting objective and realistic assessment


    • The organization should be registered in India either the societies Registration Act, companied Act or Indian Trust Act
    • Should have a valid PAN
    • Should have a valid incorporation certificate as applicable
    • Membership subscription for an organization is RS.50,000/- (Rs. Fifty Thousand only ) per year
    • All details as per membership application from and details as requested by shall have to be made available.
    • In case, membership application is rejected. DCEC will refund the entire money within 30 days of rejection.
    • Membership subscription is not refundable as it is valid for one year only
    • Membership can be cancelled, if the organization violates the terms and condition of MOU, violated any policy and organization found to be involved in any malpractices or illegal activity. In the cancellation of membership within 6 months from the date of cancellation, DCEC will refund 30% of Rs.50,000/- No refund will be made if the cancellation happens after 6 months from the date membership.
    • DCEC will review all the application forms and the details as submitted before granting any membership to an Organization
    • Not making available any information or any suppression of document or facts will lead rejection/ termination at the time when the suppression comes to the knowledge of DCEC.
    • Membership of the organization will be confirmed only after a Memorandum of Understanding is executed DCEC and the proposed member organization
    • The membership will granted on annual basis and shall be subject to renewal on a yearly basis. The Organization shall cease to be a member after the expiry of a period of 1 ( one) year from the date of execution of MOU
    • Application for renewal of membership shall have to be made before one month from the date of the membership
    • Renewal of membership is at the discretion of DCEC and cannot imposed as right of the member organization
    • Membership of DCEC will can be terminated by sending 30 days prior written information to DCEC project policy, procedures and guidelines.
    • The objective is implementation in partnership with member organization therefore DCEC believes in complete transparency, responsibility and accountability from both the participation organization
    • Membership of the organization shall be governed by the terms and condition as detailed in the memorandum of Understanding with members



    • Access to the rich resources of DCEC members and Patrons
    • Venturing into a new program area leading expansion in activities of member organization
    • Opportunity of being a consortium partner in grant opportunities
    • Opportunity to become a self sustainable organization

    The Gender Equality Policy is based on the international human rights framework, including the Universal Declaration of Human Right, the International covenant on Economic, social and Cultural Rights the International Covenant on civil and political Right, and the Convention on the Elimination of Forms of Discrimination against women.

    In alignment with the well- known values of respect equity and DCEC ‘S commitment to people and the idea of human rights we are committed to achieving equity though the activities we implement the systems we set up, the organization policies we adhere to and the organizational culture we foster the application by the office of international human rights standards, norms and principles, which include gender equality and non-discrimination.

    Therefore, we recognize that to achieve equity, changes are needed, and acknowledge the fact that true change start from within each person.




    Our Organisation is a more than 30 years running NGO ( Society ) and we are undertaking multifarious activities in different Fields Like

    1. Health Projects like Hospital, Medical Camps, Supply of Medicines, Treatment of Patients, Supporting to Below Poverty Line Patients. So, we need fund for our Project for Construction, Equipments, Expenses for Poor patients, Expenses for Diabetes patients, Expenses for Cancer Patients, Expenses for Heart Patients etc.
    2. Educational Projects Like Schools, Helping to Children, Providing School uniforms, Books and other Educational Materials to BPL Students in free of Cost.
    • We are undertaking a project called VILLAGE ECONOMY in World wide. Under this Project, we are providing the services for Free housing Construction, Free Latrine Construction, Free Medical Support, Free Educational Support, Road Construction in free of Cost etc.
    1. We are undertaking Youth and Women Empowerment Projects from our own Resources.
    2. We are undertaking Agriculture and Horticultural Activities for the Welfare of Farmers Group.
    3. We are undertaking Special Children welfare Activities.
    • We are undertaking Environmental Development Projects.

    Above all, we are undertaking different activities from time to time for the welfare of Downtrodden, Destitute, Backward and poor Groups in Local, State, Regional, National and International Level. So, we need fund always from different Donors at National and International Level as Donation.