1. To take different roles in sustainable Development, Livelihood & Social Welfare of civil society without any discrimination
  2. To include Groups, Individuals, Institutions that are entirely or largely Independent from Government and that have primarily humanitarian or cooperative rather than commercial objectives without any external control or force.
  3. To support & sustain International Development, Indigenous groups,communities, Members, Non-members, Individuals,& Groups in villages including Rural, Urban & Shum areas by organizing Locally, Regionally, Nationally or Internationally.
  4. To catalyze, support and strengthen civil Society in promoting sustainable Development Livelihood, ecological Agriculture, Environment Horticulture, Forest Development, Food Sovereignty, Educational & Health activities, Empowerment of Women & Youths, Development of Human Resources and equitable trade with focus on Human dignity of  poor and marginalized people/ Groups.
  5. To undertake, arrange & organize Training, Research, survey, Publication, Workshops, Seminars, Competitions, Symposiums, Cultural Programmes, Exhibitions, Discussions, Lectures, Conferences, Demonstrations, Camps and build capacities to promote Economic, Social and Gender Justice.
  6. To promote a democratic, accountable and transparent system of governance and create an enabling and supportive environment for development initiatives in all walks of life.
  7. To build alliances and network at Regional, National and International levels in order to campaign and advocate policies for marginalized in Science & Technology, Agriculture & Horticulture, Natural Resources, Economy, Health, Education, Forest, Ecological Balance, Human Welfare & Development.
  8. To establish, run and construct Schools, Colleges, Institutions, Training Centres, Medical Colleges, Nursing Schools & Colleges, Engineering and other Technical Colleges, Health Centres, old Aged Homes, Day care Centres, Creache Centres, Homes for Girls & Working Women, Library Hostels, Ashrams, Music, Dance & Cultural Centres, Tube Wells Technologies and other Scientific Related Centres, Tourist Places & Resorts, Roads, Dams, River Banks, Bridges, Highways Universities, Hospitals, Small Scale Industries, Rehabilitation Centres, Village Community Parks, Village Development Committees & Human Resource Development Centres for Medication, Treatment, Recreation & better Development of the Society directly or in collaboration with other           Agency or Agencies in rural and  urban areas.
  9. To Supply, construct and manage Drinking Water, Purification of Water, Water conservation sheds, preservation of Ecology & Environment, Water Harvesting Projects, Protection from Water, Air & Environmental Pollution and renewable energies & Electricity
  10. To strengthen Women Groups, Students, Youths through micro Finance to Self Help Groups, Individuals, Bodies, Organisation & Institutions etc. for the welfare of the Society with the mobilization of Public Development Bank.
  11. To develop, produce and prepare mass media such as Telefilms, Serials and other Media created Awareness amongst the masses for Education in Health, Family Welfare, Mother and child care, Prevention of cancer, STD, HIV/AIDS, early marriage, removal of illiteracy and other Social evils & crimes etc.
  12. Advocacy, Consultancy, Guidance & Counseling
  13. To open Branch offices, Units, Centre in different parts/ places of India and Abroad