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Our  organization is a Social, Non-Profit Making, Non-Religious, Non-Community, Voluntary, Active, Non- Individual & Non-Political Organization working in different fields like Social Development, Health & Health related Activities, Education & Educational related Activities, SHGs, Vocational Training Courses, Skill Development, Rural Development, COVID-19,  Trainings for Youths & Students, Empowerment of Women Groups, Old Aged Persons, Livelihood  & Elimination of Poverty   of   the Nation since its inception (1988 – 89) without any discrimination of Sex, Cast, Race & Religion etc. and our Organization had been working since last 30 years with a Voluntarism spirit.

As per our activities, we need fund for our Projects like  Hospitals , Mobile  Medicare Unit, Health Related Projects For Economically Weaker Sections/Groups,  Helping to Heart, Cancer ,Diabetes and other Major surgeries Patients, Schools, Educational Related Projects For Below Poverty Line Groups/ Students/ Children, Self Help Groups, Micro Finance For Backward Women Groups of The Nation, Helping To Orphanage, School Drop Out, Destitute, Disable Children, Poor & Destitute Groups, Old Aged Persons of  The Nation, COVID-19 related Activities, Construction of COVID Treat Hospitals, Establishment of Small Scale Industries for Unemployed Youths, Livelihood and widow Care Centres, Scientific & Industrial Research Trainings & Programmes, Vocational Education and  Income Generating Activities , Environment and Green Revolution, Agriculture & Horticultural Development Programmes, Farmers Development, Gosalla, Construction of Temples and other Religious Places, Establishment of Tourism Spots for a part of Employment Creation,  Herbal Products, Organic Framings & Scientific Laboratories etc.  for National Income Policy and creation of Employment are the Major Activities of the Organisation since its Inception ( 1988-89 ) with total Dedication in Service To Humanity.

We have been running our Society by helping poor  & simple people . General Masses are getting more benefits through our Projects/ Programmes / Activities and we have been providing Free service facilities in all our Activities since its inception with a  motto of Service to Humanity.

We are seeking for Funds from Genuine Donors, Agencies, Departments, Banks, Corporate Bodies, Individuals  and Financial Institutions of  India & Abroad.


Donors will get exemption from Income Tax  under Section 80G (5)(VI) of the Income Tax Act-1961 & FCRA Act under Ministry of Home affairs, Government of India . The name of the Donor/ Funding Agency would be put up at prominent place within/ outside the  Project Area with publication to the Media &  also appear on the quarterly magazine which is published by the Organisation which is then circulated among various  other Donors and Philanthropists.


Please write your address & details alongwith your opinion about your Donation & we will acknowledge the receipt of your Donation and opinion alongwith Donation Certificate after confirmation.