This project is undertaken especially for women groups for their income generating Activities and livelihood & we are getting Fund from RMK, New Delhi, Government of India. Under this Programme, we had formed already 173 groups and total beneficiaries is 2500 now. We are providing loan facilities to the SHGs for generating Income and Development of their livelihood. Under this Programme, we are providing loan facilities, Training Programmes, Skill Development and  Health and sanitational activities etc.

          Women are undertaking the income generating activities like Toy making, Weaving, mushroom Cultivation, Agriculture & Horticulture, Grocery Shops & Hotels, Fishery, Bakery , Stone Works, Spices  and other Income generating activities like

          1. Fishery

          2. Agriculture and Horticulture

          3. Livestock Development

          4.Carpentry Workshop

          5. Handloom & Handicraft Development

          6. Embroidery & Tailoring

          7. Toy Making

          8. Weaving

          9. Mushroom Cultivation

          10. Grocery Shops & Hotels

          11. Bakery

          12. Stone Works

          13. Spices etc.      

          This is a profit making and Income generating activities for the beneficiaries of SHGs that many poor women are free from money lender or borrowing of money with their properties.

          Above all, they are generating their Income with their skills & resources of the locality. The families of the SHGs are promoting their incomes with mutual understanding, personal efforts and common sense of working together.

          In accordance with our mission/vision, it is clearly defined that it is a very useful activities for the welfare of poor families with small savings of their income in the process of livelihood and we are targeting more beneficiaries in future  The beneficiaries are undertaking different Income Generating activities and we have got the sanction from Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, New Delhi, Govt. of India and the amount was disbursed to the beneficiaries of SHGs in  relation to different Income Generating Activities.  According to our experience, formation of SHGs is very important in low income group areas particularly Manipur State and other North Eastern States of India. So, we are trying to cover the said areas in the nearest future. Now a days, unemployment is a great problem. Unemployment creates disappointment. Disappointment creates misunderstandings & disturbance in the Society. So, in some particular areas, it is very needed to establish, &  promote more SHGs for further development of the Nation as well as Low Income Groups

Actually, our Manipur State is under the low Income Groups as well as different types of Income Generating Activities can be undertaken for growing up as  Income in different ways. In this regard, many Male & Female groups started working themselves for Income Generating Activities and livelihood in different Rural Areas of Manipur State and some other groups especially Female groups, they were making Groups themselves by contributing small amounts for weekly or Fortnightly or Monthly and those  collected amount was shared among themselves one by one. But, there is no much knowledge or idea for them to start any business or Income Generating Activities in their life due to lack of knowledge as well as system of planning/working.

DCEC has been taking up a project on formation of self help groups before a long time and more than 173 groups had already been formed under the able guidance of DCEC in different places of Manipur, especially in Imphal & Bishnupur District, Manipur.Its main objective is to make groups of people to understand and benefits of collecting action by practically showing them various advantages of having self help group amongst the like minded and same locality women groups. The centre is also conducting various meeting and awareness programmes of the self help groups for the upliftment and protection of women group and also financing micro financial assistance for their income generating purposes.