Under our  Institutes, Colleges & Vocational Training Institutes, we are providing different Courses to benefit the Youths, Students & Non-Students of the Nation as Free of Costs always.

The followings are the list of our Institutes/ Colleges. Some of them had been established already. Some of the Institutes  are being organised to start the session very soon.

  1. DCEC Institute of Computer Education
  2. DCEC Carpentry  Workshop
  3. DCEC Institute of Tailoring & Embroidery
  4. DCEC Institute of Weaving & Handloom Development
  5. DCEC Institute of Handicraft Development
  6. DCEC College of Dance
  7. DCEC College of Music
  8. DCEC  College of Nursing
  9. DCEC College of Pre University
  10. DCEC Institute of Higher Education
  11. DCEC Institute of Engineering & Technology
  12. DCEC College of Physiotherapy
  13. DCEC Ayurveda Medical College
  14. DCEC  Homoeopathic Medical College
  15. DCEC Institute of  Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences
  16. DCEC College of Medical Laboratory Technology
  17. DCEC Institute of Hospital Administration
  18. DCEC Evening College